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S1&S2 Server Merge

03.26.2019 03:26:29

For better gaming experience, we will merge these two servers: S1 and S2. 

Before the merge there will be a Sever-merge Warfare between the related servers. The server defeated in the battle will be merged into the winning one! 

Come and join the Server-merge Warfare and fight for the glory of your server!

[Time schedule]

Sever-merge Warfare: 19:00 March 25 - 21: 00 March 25 (server time).

Server Merge: 02:00 March 26 - 03: 00 March 26 (server time).


1. What you need to know about Server-merge Warfare:
2. Related servers will be shut down during the Server Merge. 
3. There will be special events for related servers:

Please inform each other and thanks for your support.

Game of Glory Operation Team